Beckham And The Star’s Hair Loss: What He Has To Say About It?

Beckham And The Star’s Hair Loss: What He Has To Say About It?

Beckham is as famous for his exceptional on-field performance as for his top-of-the-world fashion sense. His popularity kept growing after his retirement, and it seems like there is no stopping to it even today. Among other things, the football star has been in the news for quite some time for his sudden hair loss. Anyone who has been following Beckham continually since his early days can see a change in his hairline. 

It’s been getting thinner with time, and many assume that male-pattern baldness is the reason behind it. According to Scalp Micro, if one of your parents or grandparents suffered from baldness at some point, there are chances that you may also experience hair loss in your lifetime. You can head over to their home page to learn more about baldness and different ways to minimize its effects. 

In Beckham’s case, his father had suffered from baldness, so there is a strong possibility that male pattern baldness is the reason behind his hair loss. Some experts even claim that the growing stress due to running multiple million-dollar businesses, he might be experiencing hair loss. 

Recently, some of his pictures went viral on social media in which Beckham was seen with a thicker hairline, which usually people suffering from pattern baldness get after a transplant. 

Amid all the speculations going on different online and offline publications, Beckham has cleared that he hasn’t gone for a hair transplant yet. And if his hairline keeps on getting thinner, he would shave the scalp area and embrace the new look. 

Whatever the case may be, the star will look impressive without hair as he has managed to look with them all these years.

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